Proudi Raw Dog Food

The Gold Standard in Pet Nutrition

We have taken raw feeding and exceeded every quality and nutritional standard to create Proudi. Our complete and balanced recipes are biologically suited to the natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats. A human grade diet worthy of your fur family. Proudi® truly is- the gold standard in pet nutrition.

Energy & Stamina

The highly nutritious prey model raw diet ensures our pets have consistent and healthy energy and stamina.

Healthy Skin & Coat

A human grade, high protein diet, rich in amino acids, fatty acids and zinc is ideal for coat and skin condition.

Muscle Tissue Growth

Quality raw protein contains lysine, an essential amino acid for muscle tissue growth and repair.

Strong Bones & Joints

Proudi's optimum balance of omega 3 and 6, and calcium and phosphorous is ideal for strengthening bones and joints.

Allergy Support

The elimination of processed foods, grains and meat meal by-products may assist dogs with allergy sensitivities.

Complete & Balanced


Natural Instinct - Backed by Science

Biologically Appropriate

Raw feeding is growing in popularity with the realisation that dogs’ and cats’ nutritional needs remain aligned with those of their predator ancestors. While they have evolved socially to live with humans, their short and acidic digestive tracts are adept at digesting raw meat, bone and organs. Proudi® is formulated as a biologically appropriate diet, mimicking the consumption of whole prey in the wild.

Raw Feeding

Proudi® for Dogs

When you choose Proudi®, you are giving your dog the gold standard in pet nutrition. A naturally nutritious raw diet with everything your dog needs to thrive. A Proudi® dog is a happy, healthy companion, living their absolute best life.

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7 products